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The Single Biggest Lie

As has become typical from our increasingly dishonest media, there are a large number of lies given currency in reporting any major story, and the Trayvon Martin story was certainly no exception. NBC got the ball rolling with its scandalous doctoring of the conversation between Zimmerman and the 911 dispatcher that made it seem that Zimmerman might be racist in his reaction to Martin (a claim no one made during the trial because there is no known basis for it).  The press then continued to reproduce smiling, handsome pictures of a 13 year-old Martin and a fat, thuggish Zimmerman long after more neutral pictures became available.

The danger is that we will miss the forest for such flagrant trees.  The forest  --  the 900-pound gorilla of a lie behind the reporting of this case  --  is the proposition that white-against-black malevolence, and white-against-black violence in particular, is the ugly, racist truth about America.

That proposition is designed to stoke white guilt, which, in a majority white country, is ultimately designed to undermine the moral confidence essential to enforcing our law.  

The problem is that the proposition is a bald-faced lie.
Eric Holder has called on the country to have an honest dialogue about race, and famously chastised us for our cowardice in not doing so.  But if an "honest dialogue" still means telling the truth, including inconvenient and uncomfortable ones, Mr. Holder should lead with this:

There is a relatively small problem with white-on-black murder in this country.  There is more than ten times the problem with black-on-white murder.  His Department's own statistics  --  about which he has been entirely silent  --  tell the tale.  As one blogger has noted:

From http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2010/crime-in-the-u.s.-2010/tables/10shrtbl06.xls we see that in 2010, 447 whites were murdered by blacks, while 218 blacks were murdered by whites, for a total of 665 inter-racial murders.

Given that blacks are 12.6% of US population, and whites are 72.4% of US population, the population ratio is .174 to 1 black to white.  If the interracial murder rates were the same for both, we would expect 115 out of the 665 murders to be murders of whites by blacks. But the number was 447, which is 388% of the expected rate by populations.

If that's a little hard to figure out, let me try to translate.  About twice as many whites are murdered by blacks than blacks murdered by whites.  But there are only about one-sixth the number of blacks to do the murdering.  What that means is that, statistically, it's almost 12 times more likely that a black will murder a white than that a white will murder a black.  And what that means is that the Trayvon Martin case is, far from being the Symbol of Violent White Racism Against Black Teenagers that it has been portrayed, more accurately seen as the rare exception. (And even that is counting the half-Hispanic Zimmerman as white, and his self-defense homicide as "murder," both of which I am doing to make every assumption in favor of the media's false narrative).

In other words, while this county does have a problem with interracial murder, it's not that whites are killing blacks.  It's that blacks are killing whites.

I realize how unpleasant a thing that is to say (and, I suspect, a risky thing to say for an academic).  But if we are to have the honest dialogue Mr. Holder says he wants, someone has to start.

Having started, let me say one other thing as well.  The huge majority of murders are intra-racial not inter-racial.  Thus, the other, also largely hushed-up problem in this country is the enormous number of black murder victims killed by other blacks. Again, while blacks are between 12 and 13 percent of the population, they account for almost half the murder victims.  

In other words, there is a national disgrace lurking around the Trayvon Martin story, just nothing like the one the media and liberal politicians are peddling.  The real disgrace is that we too often fail to deploy the ultimate punishment  --  the death penalty  --  when murder victims are black.  And the way to start fixing that disgrace is, not to abolish justice for white victims, but to start giving it far more frequently to black ones.


Two points confound me: The Trayvon supporters have turned a blind eye to the jury finding that he sucker punched Zimmerman, mounted him and engaged in a ground and pound assault until Zimmerman took action. Against all evidence, this is still being depicted as an "assassination" of a young black man who was minding his own business by black leaders and the sympathetic liberal media.

Second: In the 513 days between Trayvon's death and the jury verdict 11,106 blacks in this country have been mudered by other blacks. Where is the outrage over this discomfiting factual scenario?

mjs --

Nailed it, as usual.

Math is racist, straight up.

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