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Campaigning on a Platform of Legalizing Pot

One of the Democratic candidates for Mayor of New York City, Comptroller John C. Liu, has proposed legalizing pot. The Washington Post story is here.  Prof. Doug Berman had this to say about it:

I think this story is notable and significant not only because a notable NYC politician is making a public case for marijuana legalization, but also because it seems likely to get this mayoral candidate a lot more media attention in the weeks and months ahead. And if this pot legalization advocacy not only improves Liu's media hits, but also his overall standing in the mayoral [polls], lots of other politician are sure to take note.

OK, that's cool.  So let's take a look at Mr. Liu's polling these days.
                     Aug 13  Jul 29  Jul 24
                     2013    2013    2013
Liu                   6       6       7
Quinn                24      27      22
Thompson             22      20      20
de Blasio            30      21      15
Weiner               10      16      26
Albanese              1       2       1
SMONE ELSE(VOL)       -       -       -
DK/NA                 7       7       8

Yes, it's all true. Mr. Legalization himself, John Liu, is running behind both "Don't Know/No Answer" and the illustrious if unfortunately named Anthony Weiner. (Source: Quinnipiac Poll).

Could he do worse if he were running on a platform of legalizing child prostitution? And this is among New York City Democrats, mind you--not exactly a bunch of troglodyte conservatives.

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