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News Scan

Texas Executes Road-Rage Killer: Douglas Feldman, a Texas man convicted of a double-homicide in 1998, made a very bizarre statement about sentencing his victims to death right before he was executed by lethal injection.  Joe Kemp of the New York Daily News reports that Feldman, a former financial analyst, was found guilty of murdering two truck drivers in what police believed to be a road-rage inspired killing.  Feldman was said to be a very violent man, and racked up over 130 disciplinary cases while incarcerated.

Nevada Supreme Court won't Consider Death Penalty Challenge: The Nevada Supreme Court has decided not to hear an inmate's challenge asserting that the death penalty amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.  The Associated Press reports that Antoine Williams was attempting to question the legality of untrained prison officials being allowed to administer the three-drugs used during lethal injections.  Williams was sentenced to death in 1994 for the murder and robbery of an elderly Las Vegas couple.

Young Boy Beaten to Death for Wetting his Pants: An Alabama couple has been arrested and charged with capital murder after they allegedly murdered a five-year-old boy for wetting his pants.  Fox News reports that the boy's mother and her boyfriend beat the young boy until he was unconscious last Friday, and he later died that evening at the hospital.  The mother's boyfriend has also been accused of abusing his 7-year-old daughter and was already in jail when he was served with a warrant for the boy's death.    

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