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News Scan

Border Agents Accuse U.S. Politicians of Helping Drug Cartels:  An open letter signed by three retired U.S. Border Patrol agents, all who held leadership positions, cite policies pushed by Congress and local politicians as assisting foreign drug cartels to expand their operations throughout the country.  Breitbart Journalist Matthew Boyle reports that, according to the retired agents, "Members of these vicious transnational crime syndicates are already well established in more than 2,000 American cities and their numbers are increasing.."  The agents note that sanctuary cities "encouraged by Congress and a disinterested mainstream media" are providing a safe haven for the cartels.  They are asking Congress to abandon efforts to grant amnesty for illegal immigrants in favor of protecting American citizens. 

NY Police Warn of "Sliders":  CBS News reports on an outbreak of thefts from vehicles that occur while the owner is pumping gas.  New York police are calling these thieves "sliders" because they move in quickly to snatch items from a car right under the victim's nose.  Surveillance cameras have caught thieves snatching a purse from a car in 19 seconds, without the owner noticing. "A vehicle is not a secure location for your property," said one official.    

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