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Biased Reporting on Crime:  Mark Hemingway of the Weekly Standard has this piece on the media's double standard when it comes to politically motivated crime.  The article focuses on last year's shooting at the Family Research Council's Washington office by an ultra-liberal radical who admitted he wanted to kill everybody there because the group opposes gay marriage.  The heroism of building manager Leo Johnson, who took a bullet as he disarmed the fanatic to prevent a massacre, was only briefly mentioned in the news.  The facts that the assailant was a white liberal, who targeted the council for an attack after finding it on an internet "hate map" posted by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and that the victim was a Christian black man were of little interest to reporters.  Hemingway contrasts this with the reporting surrounding the shooting of Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, which the mainstream media blamed on Sarah Palin's map targeting Giffords' district for a possible GOP victory.  He makes a similar comparison to the Zimmerman case, which has been and is still reported as a hate crime.   

Driving on Medical Pot a DUI in AZ:  Medical Marijuana users stopped by police in Arizona risk a DUI prosecution according to this story in The Arizona Republic by J.J. Hensley.  Prosecutors say that any trace of pot in a driver's blood is enough for a DUI under Arizona law.  The state adopted a medical marijuana law in 2010 but did not establish the blood level at which a driver would be considered impaired.  The story notes that a 10-year study in Sweden concluded that "Scientists have found it virtually impossible to agree upon the concentration of a psychoactive substance in blood that leads to impairment in the vast majority of people."  Other medical marijuana states have set levels for legal impairment but they appear arbitrary.   Michigan's blood level, for example, is twice the limit in Colorado.

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"He makes a similar comparison to the Zimmerman case, which has been and is still reported as a hate crime."

Incredible. The first problem is that, so far as the jury was able to find, there was NO CRIME AT ALL, much less a "hate crime."

Would anyone care to take a guess as to how our liberal friends would react if a black person shot and killed a white, was accused and tried, won an acquittal on (largely unrebutted) self-defense grounds -- and thereafter this or any pro-law enforcement site referred to the black person as having committed a "hate crime?"

"Double standard" doesn't even begin to describe how the Lefties have behaved.

P.S. Mind you, this is the same bunch that refers to killers as having been "exonerated" even after they were CONVICTED, if the conviction gets overturned on procedural grounds.

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