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News Scan

California Loophole Allows for Rapist to Get Shorter Sentence: Thanks to a legal loophole, a California man convicted of sexually assaulting his disabled stepdaughter will only be required to serve an 11-year prison sentence.  Mike Luery of KCRA News reports that if Carlos Mesinas would have used some sort of weapon during the attack, he would have faced a possible sentence of 25 years to life in prison.  Since no weapon was used, or necessary since his victim was severely disabled and unable to move, Mesinas was only eligible to receive a sentence of 11 years.

Mexico City Experiences Increase in Violent Crime: Mexico City's violence and crime rate are now on the rise due in large part to an increase of local gangs seeking to control the drug market not only in Mexico, but in the United States as well.  Nicholas Casey of The Wall Street Journal reports that recent high-profile murder cases have elevated fear levels in the city despite several attempts made by elected officials to reduce crime rates and increase the number of police officers.  Just last week, authorities discovered a large grave in a Mexico City suburb containing 13 bodies, five of which belonged to a group of young people kidnapped from a night club last May.   

Convicted Sex Offender Sent to Prison After Sneaking into Jail: Matthew Matagrano, a convicted sex offender who was out on probation, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after authorities discovered he had been sneaking into a New York jail.  Rick Couri of KRMG News reports that Matagrano used a fake corrections department badge to sneak into the jail in order to spend time with the inmates, who he viewed as nice people who made him feel important.  Authorities believe he handed out cigarettes to the inmates, and during one visit in February, he assaulted an inmate and stole a $2,500 walkie talkie.  

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