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News Scan

Georgia Teen Found Guilty in Baby Shooting: A Florida man who shot and killed a 13-month-old baby as he was sleeping in a stroller has been found guilty of felony murder.  Graham Winch of HLN News reports that 18-year-old De'Marquise Elkins shot and killed the baby after the boy's mother refused to give him her purse.  Elkins faces a possible life sentence, and will be spared from the death penalty due to the fact that he was 17 at the time of the murder.  

Admitted Serial Rapist set to be Released: California's Supreme Court has denied a Los Angeles County prosecutor's request to block the release of a serial rapist from a state mental hospital.  Joshua Miller of Fox News reports that Christopher Hubbart, a serious sexual predator who has admitted to sexually assaulting over three dozen women, could be released within a few weeks.  Hubbart, who has been in and out of the California criminal justice system since 1972, will be required to wear a GPS ankle monitor and submit to regular polygraph testing.      

Teens Sentenced in School Bus Beating: Three Florida teenagers have been sentenced to indefinite probation after pleading guilty to beating one of their classmates while riding home on the school bus.  Fox News reports that the teenage boys attacked their classmate after he told school officials that one of the boys tried to sell marijuana to him.  As part of their probation, the boys will be required to complete community service hours, wear GPS ankle monitors, and attend anger management classes.

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