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The Coming Scam

Prof. Doug Berman reports that the Department of Justice has commissioned a study to determine why crime has so dramatically decreased over the last 20 years.  The report notes that the head of the assemblage doing the study has said: 

At our next meeting [of a group consisting mostly of academics], which will also be in Washington...we will focus on the 'lead hypothesis,' that the removal of lead from paint and gasoline resulted in crime declines some years later and may largely explain the crime drop.

For those of you not experienced in the ways of Washington, let me give a short translation:

The fix is in.

What do you think the chances are that the "lead hypothesis" is going to get dislodged by, say, the notion that increased use of imprisonment has had something to do with it?
Let me explain a little more thoroughly.  This "study" is being commissioned and financed by DOJ's National Institute of Justice, a group controlled by none other than Eric Holder.

Holder's current campaign is to reduce imprisonment (just wait for his speech to the ABA tomorrow), because that's what his party's liberal and trial lawyer constituent groups want (and also because by the time the chickens come home to roost, Holder will be out of office and making a million bucks a year at some fat firm).

In order to lay the groundwork for reducing imprisonment, it has to be "found" that imprisoning criminals has little or nothing to do with reducing crime. And that's the set-up here, in case anyone is wondering.

Since the dawn of civilization, mankind has known that there's a strong relationship between crime and punishment. This has been confirmed by studies that, unlike the coming scam, have had no axe to grind.  See Kent's post here and mine here.  We are about to find out, however, that we've been wrong all these centuries.  The reduction in crime has almost nothing to do with taking more criminals off the street. Why would anyone think otherwise?

P.S. The Commission could announce its pre-determined findings even more quickly if it would add that preeminent scholar from Columbia, Prof. Kathy Boudin.


A thought just crossed my mind:

Maybe the defense bar just puts on facade of being "pro-criminal" or "pro social justice" when in reality they are ruthless capitalists who realize the more criminals released equals more crime which equals more business for them.

And I apologize in advance if my somewhat sarcastic remarks on what are serious topics offend anyone, I support CJLF efforts almost on everything but it is just my style to try to do it with a sense of humor.

Personally, I like your sense of humor. And I hope defense lawyers are indeed capitalists. I would only ask that they sell something more appetizing, like prunes.

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