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The Therapy Dodge

Mental defenses in criminal trials are usually "the last refuge of the scoundrel" who has been nailed so clearly that he has nothing else to argue.  There are, to be sure, genuine cases of a psychotic split from reality, but they are the exception and not the rule.

The political equivalent for scandal-nailed politicians seeking refuge is the "I am sick and need therapy" dodge.  Tony Perry reports for the L.A. Times that San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has completed his therapy earlier than expected.  How wonderful.  Except there never was a need for therapy in the first place.  Being an overbearing, arrogant jerk who exploits his position of authority over women for sexual purposes is evil, not sick, and there is no "treatment."

The good news is that it doesn't seem to be working.  Filner's political allies are tossing him overboard.  The last two members of the City Council and Senator Barbara Boxer have joined the call for him to resign.

Will Filner be criminally prosecuted for his misdeeds?  The DA is in an awkward position, as she ran against Filner for the mayor's slot in an early round of the process.  If the DA recuses, it's up to the AG.

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