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News Scan

Texas Father Won't be Charged in Beating Death: A Texas man who found a man raping his 5-year-old daughter and then proceeded to beat him to death will not face homicide charges.  James Nye of the Daily Mail reports that the father was alerted by his older son that a man had taken the young girl against her will to a secluded shack on the property and began to sexually assault her.  Under Texas law, deadly force is justified if used in an attempt to stop a sexual assault. 

Dangerous Inmates Released Early in LA County: Los Angeles County inmates are being released after serving only fractions of their sentences due to an increase in prisoners and an ever-growing lack of space.  The Associated Press reports that offenders convicted of both violent and sexual crimes are being released before serving even half of their sentence.  Just this year, more than 23,000 inmates have been released early by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Delaware Women Gang Raped by a Dozen Juveniles: Authorities are investigating a case involving two women who were allegedly gang raped in a Delaware park by a group of juveniles.  Fox News reports that the women were sitting in the park in the early evening when they were approached and attacked by a group of 10-12 black juveniles.  The police have yet to identify any suspects, and are asking those involved to come forward.

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