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News Scan

Man Free on Probation Charged in Double Murder: An Ohio man out on probation has been charged with the murder of two men found last week in a burning car.  John Futty of The Columbus Dispatch reports that Nicholas Roseberry was released from jail eight weeks ago after he struck a deal with a prosecutor and agreed to testify in an upcoming murder trial in exchange for his release.  Prior to his release, a judge overseeing the case told Roseberry that he didn't think he would succeed on probation and that he would be monitored closely.

Woman on Death Row Set Free While Awaiting Retrial: An Arizona woman who was convicted of arranging the murder of her 4-year-old son and was sentenced to death will be released and allowed to remain free until her retrial begins.  The Associated Press reports that a federal appeals court overturned Debra Milke's conviction due to concerns over the validity of her alleged confession after the murder.  Prosecutors have said they will be seeking the death penalty when Milke is retried later this year.

Gang Member Sentenced to Death: A Los Angeles County judge has sentenced 44-year-old gang member Charles Ray Smith to death after his conviction for multiple murders.  Jack Leonard of the LA Times reports that Smith was responsible for the murders of a 10-year-old boy, the boy's uncle, and a teenager in 2006.  Although none of the victims had any known gang ties, prosecutors believe the murders were in retaliation for the killings of Smith's fellow gang members.

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