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News Scan

Youthful Offenders to get a Second Chance: California inmates serving life sentences handed down to them when they were juveniles may have a chance at parole thanks to a new bill recently passed by the state Assembly.  The Associated Press reports that SB620 would require juvenile offenders prosecuted as adults and given life sentences to serve a lengthy minimum sentence before appearing in front of a parole review board to prove they have been rehabilitated.  The bill will now head to the state Senate for a final vote.

Inmate on the run After Stabbing Officer: A Michigan inmate is on the run after authorities say he stabbed a sheriff's deputy, took another officer hostage, and carjacked a motorist outside of a Detroit courthouse.  Fox News reports that 25-year-old Derrick White attacked the deputy and stole his uniform while he was being moved from a courtroom to a holding cell.  Prior to his escape, White was in a court hearing related to a previous robbery charge. 

Former Principal Sentenced to Six Life-Sentences: A former high school principal from Florida has been sentenced to six life sentences plus thirty years after taking a plea deal that allowed him to escape the death penalty.  AP reports that Anthony Giancola went on a rampage in 2012 stabbing four people in a group home, attacking two people with a hammer at a separate location, and ran over a 13-year-old boy on a bicycle.  Giancola pled guilty to two murders, four counts of attempted murder, and two counts of aggravated battery.

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