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Illegal Immigrants in California to get Driver's Licenses: California's Legislature has sent a bill to Governor Jerry Brown that will allow illegal aliens to get driver's licenses.  Christopher Cadelago and Jeremy White of the Sacramento Bee report that illegals will be allowed to apply for the license as long as they can show some type of an approved form of  identification to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  The governor has indicated that he supports the bill and will be signing it into law. 

Alabama Supreme Court Decides how Juvenile Murderers can be Sentenced: The Alabama Supreme Court issued a ruling earlier today holding that judges may now elect to give juvenile murderers a sentence of life in prison with or without the possibility of parole.  Kent Faulk of Al.com reports that prior to the ruling, Alabama law required a mandatory sentence of LWOP for juveniles convicted of aggravated first degree murder.  The Supreme Court ruled that the mandatory LWOP for juveniles was unconstitutional and has said judges must have sentencing discretion.

Man Murders his Niece to 'End her Misery': An Illinois man has been charged with murder after police say he slit his niece's throat and stabbed her multiple times in the heart.  Willis Robinson of the Daily Mail reports that 22-year-old Justin DeRyke told authorities the young girl fell on a stick and impaled herself, so he decided to slit her throat to "end her suffering."  The girl's autopsy showed defensive wounds on her hands leading authorities to believe she fought for her life, contradicting the uncle's version of the story.

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|"Immigrants in California to get Driver's Licenses"B>|

Will this not have a thousand national implications, and none of them good?

Exclusive Sodomy can be called "Marriage"; Illegal immigration can be deemed "Lawful".

"And do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proferred to us year by year unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time."
-- Churchill, 10/5/38, House of Commons

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