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News Scan

California asks for Prison Extension: California officials have asked a federal court to grant them a three-year extension in order to move prisoners to new facilities rather than releasing them back into California communities.  Sam Stanton of the Sacramento Bee reports a Senate bill signed last week by Governor Brown will allow $315 million to be spent on a variety of methods being considered to reduce the overcrowding issue in the state's prison facilities.  The extension will allow the state to move 8,500 inmates to facilities both in and out of the state rather than releasing them.

Connecticut Death Penalty Case Sparks Debate: Jury selection has begun in a triple-murder case out of Connecticut where prosecutors are seeking the death penalty, but there is one problem that may stand in their way; the state voted to abolish of the death penalty in 2012.  Dave Collins of the Associated Press reports that Richard Roszkowski was convicted and sentenced to death in 2009, but an error took place before jury deliberations and the judge ordered a new penalty phase.  Connecticut's repeal of the death penalty was supposed to apply to murders committed after April of 2012, however, Roszkowski's attorneys believe that eliminating the death penalty for some people and keeping it for others in unconstitutional. 

California Governor Allows Early Parole Hearings for Juveniles: Governor Brown signed a bill late Monday night allowing inmates who committed serious crimes as juveniles but were tried as adults to apply for early parole.  Anthony York of the Los Angeles Times reports that the new law will allow eligible offenders to have their cases reviewed for parole as early as 15 years into their mandated sentence.  The law will affect the more than 6,500 inmates in California prisons serving sentences handed down when they were juveniles.  

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