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News Scan

Jury in Serial Killer Case Recommends Death Sentence: The jury for a California man known as the 'alphabet killer' has recommended the death penalty for his role in the murders of four women between 1977 and 1994.  CBS San Francisco reports that the murders were labeled as cold cases until 2009 when a routine probation search of Joseph Naso's home turned up a considerable amount of evidence linking him to the unsolved cases.  The judge overseeing the case still has 20 days to confirm the sentence, and maintains the option of handing down a life sentence instead.

Convicted Murderer Kills Again: A California inmate serving a life sentence for first-degree murder is the lone suspect in the murder of his cellmate.  The Associated Press reports that 40-year-old Steven Brenneman, who was serving an 18-year-sentence for forcible rape, was found dead in his cell earlier this week from fatal stab wounds and blunt force trauma to the head.  Brenneman's cellmate is being held in isolation while authorities continue to investigate the murder.

Mom Charged in her Children's Murders Asks for Death Sentence: A woman accused of murdering her two children over the weekend has asked a judge to sentence her to death.  The Associated Press reports that 42-year-old Marilyn Edge appeared in front of a judge via live-video for her arraignment, and when asked if she wanted her arraignment postponed, Edge replied "Only if you promise me the death penalty."  Edge, who had just recently lost custody of her two children, allegedly murdered her children in a Southern California hotel room during their vacation to Disneyland.  

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