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News Scan

Texas Executes Former Gang Member: A Texas man convicted of murdering four women in 2002 was executed last night after being sentenced to death in 2003.  Karen Brooks of Reuters reports that Robert Garza, along with three other men, were carrying out a gang hit when they shot a vehicle carrying six women more than 60 times, leaving four of the women dead.  The three other men involved were also convicted in the murders and are currently awaiting execution. 

Chicago Declared as the Nation's Murder Capital: The FBI's recent release of crime statistics has led them to declare Chicago as the nation's murder capital, bumping New York City down a spot to second.  Jennifer Cruz of guns.com reports that Chicago saw 500 murders in 2012 as opposed to 431 the year prior, while New York had 419 compared to 515 in 2011.  Nationwide  there were more than one million violent crimes reported in 2012, which include crimes such as homicide, rape, and aggravated assault.

Woman Given Life Sentence After Torture Conviction: A Northern California woman who tortured her fiancĂ©'s daughter while he was in prison has been convicted of torture and sentenced to life behind bars.  Andy Furillo of the Sacramento Bee reports that Duewa Lee was convicted of torture and 10 other felony counts after abusing the girl almost to the point of death over a two-month period.  The girl, who was 12 at the time of the abuse, had been whipped with electrical cords, burned with an iron, thrown down stairs, and repeatedly kicked in the stomach before escaping her home and alerting strangers to what had been happening to her.  

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