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News Scan

Convicted Cop Killer Executed: An Ohio man convicted of murdering two men in a 1994 shooting rampage at his apartment complex was executed this morning by lethal injection.  The Associated Press reports that 61-year-old Harry Mitts Jr. yelled out racial slurs before murdering his neighbor's boyfriend and then proceeded to shoot and kill a police officer who was responding to the scene.  Mitt's execution resulted in the state of Ohio using its last dose of pentobarbital, the sedative used in lethal injections, state officials plan to announce their new execution method next week.  

California Granted Prison Overcrowding Extension: A panel of federal judges has granted Governor Brown a 30-day extension on their order to reduce prison overcrowding by almost 10,000 inmates.  Paige St. John of the Los Angeles Times reports that Governor Brown originally asked for a three-year extension in order to address the issue, but was instead given only a month to collaborate with attorneys representing prisoners and find a solution to the issue of overcrowding.  The deadline to reduce overcrowding has been moved back from December 31 to January 27, 2014.  

Woman Arrested After Killing Suspected Pedophile: A Colorado woman has been arrested after admitting to police she murdered a man because a child had accused him of sexually abusing her.  The Associated Press reports that 30-year-old Forsythia Owen went to the alley where the man slept and beat him to death with a baseball bat, resulting in a skull fracture and multiple broken bones.  The victim, 42-year-old Denzel Rainey, had no previous or pending charges related to sexual offenses at the time of his death. 

Colorado Parole Policies Jeopardizing Public Safety: Efforts made by Colorado prison officials to keep parolees out of state prison facilities in an attempt to control prison population has left city police frustrated and concerned about public safety.  The Associated Press reports that a program implemented in 2011, known as the Colorado Violation Decision Making Process, addresses risk factors for each parolee and utilizes a point-based system to determine the proper punishment for the particular violation.  Police report that violations such as stealing, skipping out on mandatory drug tests, and possession of a dangerous weapon are examples of crimes that don't necessarily result in the parolee being sent back to prison.  

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