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News Scan

Poll: Californians Are Concerned About Crime: A poll conducted by Public Policy Institute of California reports that the public is concerned about the amount of crime in their communities, 18 months after the implementation of Realignment. Jim Miller of the Press Enterprise reports that 61% of CA residents were concerned about crime rates, which may be the result of thousands of  felons being released into local communities which have overwhelmed local police and probation departments.  Realignment shifted the responsibility for property felons and drug dealers from the state to the counties, resulting in county jails having no choice but to release many because of overcrowding. 

Teen Arrested for Murder of Mother and Brother: A 16-year-old Nevada boy has been arrested after police believe he stabbed his mother and 9-year-old brother to death last week.  Aaron Barker of Fox 5 Las Vegas reports that authorities found the bodies of the boy's mother and brother in the family home last Friday after conducting a welfare check and at one point feared for the boy's safety when they were unable to locate him.  Police revealed a few days after discovering the bodies that the 16-year-old was the lone suspect in the murders, he has since been apprehended and charged with two counts of murder.

Sex Offenders get 'Halloween Victory': Registered sex offenders in a California town have settled a legal battle after an ordinance requiring them to post a sign on their front door for Halloween was repealed.  ABC News reports that the ordinance, which was passed in 2010, required registered sex offenders to post a sign on their door stating "No candy or treats at this residence".  Despite the repeal, registered offenders will still be banned from decorating their home and are restricted from answering the door to any children who are trick or treating.  

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