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News Scan

Convicted Murderer Offers Advice Prior to Execution: A Texas man sentenced to death for a murder he committed 14 years ago decided to give some advice to the younger generation right before his execution; "Think about it before you do drugs."  Kieran Corcoran of the Daily Mail reports that 37-year-old Arturo Diaz admitted to authorities that he was both drunk and high on drugs when he murdered a man and attempted to steal his vehicle.  While incarcerated, Diaz was sentenced to an additional 94 years behind bars after being convicted of sexually assaulting a fellow inmate.

State Auditors Give Warning About Realignment: A California state audit has labeled Governor Brown's realignment policy as a "statewide high-risk issue."  The Sacramento Bee reports that realignment was placed on the audit based on the fact that county jails are being overwhelmed by the amount of inmates being moved from state prisons to their facilities.  The audit mentions that realignment will continue to be considered a high-risk issue until its effectiveness and efficiency are proven.

Attempted Murderer Chose Victims Based on Race: A North Carolina man has been indicted on four counts of attempted murder after police say he shot at multiple people simply because they were white.  The Associated Press reports that 23-year-old Lakim Faust, who happens to be black, had more than 100 rounds of ammunition on him when he began targeting white people in a shopping-center parking lot. A search of Faust's home computer indicated that he had planned the attack and wanted to shoot a large number of people.

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