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The U.S. Is the Only Civilized Country with the Death Penalty...NOT

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Swallowing whole the absurd assumption that we should follow the "example" of what is breezily referred to as "the rest of the civilized world," death penalty abolitionists admonish us that only the wahoo, cowboy, bloodlusting USA continues the practice of capital punishment.

Now if I were to play the race-huckstering game so in vogue these days, I would point out the implicit racism in that admonition, since it tacitly accuses areas that have an active death penalty (the Orient, Africa and the Mideast among them) of being uncivilized  -- uncivilized, that is, in contrast to the more refined (and considerably whiter) folk in Europe. But I won't.  Race-huckstering is a sleazy and dishonest game when others play it, and I decline to join in.

I will point out, however, the inconvenient truth our adversaries want to ignore, a truth illustrated by today's story about justice in a fully civilized, if non-white, country:

An Indian judge sentenced four men to death for the gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old student last year, sending a stern message in a case that transfixed India as the country struggles to curb widespread violence against women.

The whole story is carried in the Wall Street Journal, here.

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The term "civilized world" is extraordinarily racist in all concepts. Though in fairness conservatives toss it around too in different situations as well (you can again thank my liberal wife for that belief).

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