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What Punishment for this Crime?

A few years ago, Evan Broderick was convicted of possessing a stolen gun.  He was sentenced to three years in prison.  He was moved to the high security prison in Tehachapi after attacking another inmate.  No angel, to be sure, but we can all agree he did not deserve death.

But death is what he got.  Travis Frazier stabbed him to death in the exercise yard.

A year earlier, Travis Frazier had been sentenced to life in prison without parole for another murder.

Anyone who thinks Frazier should not be sentenced to death is invited to explain in the comments what sentence should be imposed and why that would be sufficient punishment for the crime.

BTW, Frazier was, in fact, sentenced to death today, Bakersfieldnow.com reports.  Background on Broderick is provided in this story in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat in 2009.


Where's decencyevolves now that we need him?

His is an ironic moniker indeed. Apparently "decency" consists of freebie murder, which is exactly what this (latest) killing will amount to without the DP.

Good luck, Kent, on getting an answer that's anything but an evasion.

The subject of drawing negative inferences from silence has been on my mind recently. (White v. Woodall, US Supreme Court No. 12-794, CJLF brief due 9/18.)

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