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News Scan

Unmonitored Parolee Accused of Murder: An Illinois man released from prison early and put on parole has been accused of murdering a man before authorities were able to fit him with a court-ordered ankle monitor.  John O'Connor of the Associated Press reports that 28-year-old Joshua Jones, who was released from prison five months early, was ordered to wear an electronic ankle monitor for six months after his release from prison, which authorities now reveal never happened.  Jones was released under Illinois' new early-release program that allows nonviolent offenders to have their sentence shortened in an effort to encourage and reward inmates that display "good prisoner behavior behind bars."

Illegal Immigrants Allowed to Apply for CA Driver's Licenses: Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that will allow illegal immigrants in the state of California to apply for a driver's license.  Amy Taxin of the Associated Press reports that the licenses will not be considered as a federal form of identification and will appear differently than licenses issued to US citizens. The licenses are expected to be issued beginning January 1, 2015.

Texas to Replace Expired Execution Drug: The state of Texas has enlisted the help of a compounding pharmacy in order to replace the drug they have been using to carry out lethal injections, pentobarbital.  The Associated Press reports that drugs manufactured in compounding pharmacies are custom-made and aren't mandated or scrutinized by the federal government.  The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has purchased eight vials of pentobarbital from the pharmacy, which is just enough to carry out the next four scheduled executions.

NRA to Sue the State of California: The National Rifle Association has announced it will sue the state of California if Governor Brown signs a bill that will ban the future sale of most types of semi-automatic rifles.  Fox News reports that the bill, which has already been approved by state lawmakers, would alter the definition of an assault weapon by including semi-automatic rifles that are able to hold more than 10 rounds.  The deadline to either sign or veto the bill is October 13.

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