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News Scan

Convicted Sex Offender Accused in Another Sexual Assault: A California sex offender, with a criminal record dating back 20 years, is the suspect in yet another sexual assault that took place on the campus of Fresno State University.  Marc Benjamin of the Fresno Bee reports that 49-year-old Fidel Tafoya removed his court-ordered ankle monitor Monday night before heading to the campus library and allegedly groping a female student.  Tafoya has a lengthy criminal record, and has been in and out of prison due to multiple assault and attempted rape convictions.

New Jersey Town to Regulate Panhandling:
Beggars in a New Jersey town will now be required to obtain a permit before they will be allowed to ask other citizens in their community for money.  The Associated Press reports that the ordinance forbids panhandlers from 'aggressively begging', which includes blocking or obstructing pedestrians and vehicles, begging near an ATM, or in exchange for service.  Violators of the ordinance are subject to a $250 fine and possible jail time.

Fourth Inmate Fatality in 13 Months:  Toledo Correctional Institution in Ohio suffered its fourth fatal assault this week amid a rise in violence that started after the prison began to double-cell its inmates to deal with overcrowding.  The Associated Press reports that assaults jumped between 2010 and 2012 in a facility that already has the state's highest rates of staff turnover and prisoner homicides.  As the prison added hundreds of inmates beginning in 2011, inmate-on-inmate assaults significantly increased.

'Too Intoxicated' Murder Defense: 
In New York, three people convicted of murder in fatal car accidents urged the state's highest court to toss out their convictions, arguing that they were "too intoxicated" to be aware of the danger they posed.  Michael Virtanen of the Associated Press reports that the defense attorneys for the three convicted individuals argue that the prosecution's contention that they acted with "depraved indifference to human life" does not apply to these cases because their clients were too impaired to know what they were doing.  All three convictions were upheld by a midlevel court.  The decision by the Court of Appeals is expected next month.

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