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News Scan

Alabama Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Castrate Sex Offenders: State Representative Steve Hurst is proposing what some believe to be a very controversial bill; castrating convicted sex offenders prior to release.  Melanie Posey of Fox Alabama reports that the bill would require convicted sex offenders to be surgically castrated prior to their release if their victim was 12-years-old or younger.  Hurst believes strongly in his bill, and is confident that he would have the support of Alabama citizens if they were given the opportunity to vote on it. 
Former CA Mayor Pleads Guilty to Felony Charges: Bob Filner, former Mayor of San Diego, has pleaded guilty to felony false imprisonment and two counts of misdemeanor battery less than two months after he was forced to resign from his political position.  Monica Garske of NBC San Diego reports that the maximum punishment for the crimes he has been convicted of is four years in prison and more than $10,000 in fines.  Filner, who was elected as mayor in 2012, has been accused by several women of sexual harassment while he was both Mayor of San Diego and a U.S. Congressman. 

Florida Police to use Cameras to Combat Prostitution: Police in Sanford, Florida will begin using cameras and written letters to suspected "Johns" in order to deter and prevent future incidents of prostitution.  WKMG Orlando reports that the cameras will record license plate information of drivers who frequent high prostitution areas, allowing police to get the vehicle owner's registration information and send the registered owner a letter voicing the department's concerns.  Police departments from around the country have utilized similar approaches in an effort to reduce prostitution in their communities.

Prison's Efforts Fail to Halt Homicides:  Overcrowding and under-staffing issues continue to plague the Toledo Correctional Institution in Ohio, the deadliest of the 28 institutions in the state prison system that has seen four murders in a 13-month period.  Mark Reiter of the Toledo Blade reports that various measures taken by the institution to reduce violence, including more employees working nights and weekends, a second investigator to look for problems, additional surveillance cameras, and the hiring of more officers, have had little impact.  Leaders of the prison employees union argue that more staff are needed to control the violence.

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