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News Scan

CA Realignment Law to Blame for Sentencing Delay: A Northern California man who pleaded no contest to a felony battery charge with a hate crime enhancement is waiting to find out whether he will serve his five-year sentence in state prison or a county jail under California's Realignment law.  Don Frances of the Daily Democrat reports that 20-year-old Clayton Garzon was scheduled to serve his sentence in county jail despite the fact that he committed a violent crime, which under  Realignment is supposed to result in a prison sentence.  After the prosecutor challenged the jail term, the Judge announced that he would reconsider where the criminal would serve his time.      

Convicted Sex Offender Could Face Death Penalty in Upcoming Murder Trial: A convicted sex offender facing trial for murdering three women and whose bodies were dumped in trash bags, pleaded not guilty to charges that could result in a death sentence.  CBS News reports that 36-year-old Michael Madison of Ohio was classified as a sex offender in 2002 after serving a four-year prison sentence for attempted rape.  In addition to the murders, the updated indictment announced on Tuesday now includes three counts of kidnapping and gross abuse of a corpse.

California Community Fights Relocation of Convicted Rapist: A Southern California community is outraged after a judge has decided to allow a serial rapist to live in their neighborhood after he is released from prison.  Fox News reports that serial rapist, Christopher Hubbart, has admitted to raping 38 women in California over an 11 year time period  and became known as the 'pillowcase' rapist due to his habit of placing pillowcases over his victims' heads.  An decision made in August by the California Supreme Court denied a Los Angeles County appeal to block Hubbart's release and relocation to their community.  

Woman Sues Dept. of Corrections After Violent Kidnapping and Rape: A Seattle woman is suing the Washington Department of Corrections based on the claim that she was kidnapped and raped by a known violent offender that should have been more carefully monitored.  Levi Pulkkinen of the Seattle Pi reports that while on court-ordered supervision, John Carter, a nine-time convicted felon, kidnapped and repeatedly raped his victim less than three months after being released from prison.  The lawsuit filed by the victim contends that the state failed to properly respond after Carter began abusing heroin and alcohol shortly after his release.  

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