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Clarence Thomas, National Treasure

Kent and I posted about some of the events at the recent Federalist Society National Convention.  The highlight, for my money, was the sit-down discussion with Justice Clarence Thomas.

Years ago, Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy led a dishonest and under-the-table-racist campaign to discredit Thomas and deny him a seat on the Supreme Court.  I will not rehash the details of that campaign; suffice it to say that it got much of its mileage out of the silent assumption, shamelessly peddled by Thomas's opponents, that black men have uncontrollable sexual appetites.  I have seen some appalling spectacles in Congress, but Thomas's confirmation hearing takes the cake.

The real reason for opposing him had nothing to do with Anita Hill's egged-on fabrications. The real reason was that Thomas insisted on being his own man and a powerful, independent intellect in the law.  He remains so today, for which the country can be proud and grateful.  He also remains a man of authentic humility and graciousness  --  a rarity in any part of Washington, DC.

The interview is about 50 minutes, and is here.

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