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Dr. Frankenstein Nukes His Monster

Filibustering of judicial nominees was virtually unknown until the Democrats began regular filibusters during the previous administration.  The WSJ has this Q&A on the "nuclear option," changing the rules of the Senate to prevent filibusters of presidential nominees to executive and judicial positions. 

In 2005, Republican senators threatened to [do the] same in the face of Democratic opposition to former President George W. Bush's judicial nominations. In 2008, Mr. Reid himself swore that as long as he was leader, he would never turn to the nuclear option, saying it would be a "black chapter in the history of the Senate."
Today the Senate did just that, passing the rule amendment 52-48.

Also in the WSJ is this story by Janet Hook and Kristina Peterson:

Democrats say the filibuster has been abused as a weapon of obstruction rather than a last-resort vehicle for principled opposition. Republicans have "turned 'advice and consent' into divide and obstruct,'' Mr. Reid said.
But Republicans didn't "turn" anything.  They continued straight down the trail that Reid himself had blazed when the shoe was on the other foot, although treading it somewhat more often.  Republicans have some degree of hypocrisy in their rhetoric as well, of course, but Reid takes the prize.

So for the next year, President Obama will be able to fill vacancies on the federal bench with judges who share his viewpoint to a much greater degree that President Bush was able to.  Whether that continues into the last two years of his tenure depends largely on the outcome of the next election.  It would take a pretty hefty Republican sweep to change things, but gains for the out-of-White-House party are the norm for second-term mid-term elections.

For the next four years after that, if the American people follow their usual post-WW II practice of turning over the White House every eight years (well, almost every), today's vote will result in a Republican President having a freer hand.  Hopefully the people will continue with their traditional wisdom.  Political parties are like compost piles; if you don't turn them over once in a while they start to stink.

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