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Legalization Will Limit Pot to Adults Only

Haha.  Fooled ya!

"Adults only" legalization of marijuana was just as likely to limit pot to those over 21 as "adults only" legalization of alcohol was likely to keep beer away from teenagers.

Anyone who wants to see how that's working out can check out any high school or college frat party.

The Colorado sales pitch that legalization would not increase pot use among the young was the biggest whopper since, "If you like your insurance, you'll be able to keep it, period."

The story is here.  As it notes:

"We have seen a sharp rise in drug-related disciplinary actions which, anecdotally, from credible sources, is being attributed to the changing social norms surrounding marijuana," said Janelle Krueger. Krueger is the program manager for Expelled and At-Risk Student Services for the Colorado Department of Education and also a longtime adviser to the Colorado Association of School Resource Officers.

Krueger said school officials believe the jump is linked to the message that legalization (even though it is still prohibited for anyone under 21) is sending to kids: that marijuana is a medicine and a safe and accepted recreational activity. It is also believed to be more available.

What a surprise!

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