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Maintaining Academic Monovision

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Why do people have two eyes (as do nearly all animals above the insect level)?  There are several reasons, but one of them is depth perception.  One eye sees a two-dimensional image.  Two eyes with different perspectives, even if only slightly different, provide cues for the brain to figure out the third dimension.

Among the many problems with American academia today is a deficiency of perspective.  To a deplorable degree, our young people are being fed an unbalanced academic diet of a single viewpoint.  The result is a lower quality education.

David Bernstein at Volokh Conspiracy has this post on how blogs can expand the range of discourse.  But a comment he makes in passing confirms what I have long suspected.  The lack of diversity of viewpoint in academia is not only a result of which people choose academic careers versus going into the "real world."  That is part of it, to be sure, but another part is active employment discrimination for the specific purpose of censoring Politically Incorrect viewpoints out of the academic discourse.

The faculties at elite law schools are able to define what was "mainstream" in constitutional law simply by who they hire to join them. And Yale, to take just one example, has not hired a conservative or libertarian professor to teach constitutional law in my lifetime. According to an informed source at the law school, this is not a coincidence, as some of Yale's constitutional law professors make it their business to block any right-of-center candidates.

1 Comment

I once overhead a law professor ask another law professor whether they had any federalist society members on faculty. The response was "thank God, not yet."

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