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News Scan

Texas Man Sentenced to Death for Baby-Sitter Murder: A Texas man has been sentenced to death after police believe he murdered his children's baby-sitter in order to prevent her from testifying that he raped her.  The Associated Press reports that Franklin Davis waited for the young girl outside of her school and lured her into his vehicle before shooting her and dumping her body in a river.  Davis admitted to murdering the 16-year-old girl, but insisted that he did it out of revenge and hatred rather than as an attempt to prevent her from testifying in the upcoming sexual assault case against him.

Man Convicted in Eight Murders Scheduled to Die Wednesday: The Missouri State Department of Corrections is set to execute Joseph Paul Franklin, a self-proclaimed racist and admitted murderer, for his role in the death of bar mitzvah guest outside of a St. Louis synagogue in 1977   Nolan Clay of NewsOK reports that Franklin has been convicted in seven other deaths across several states throughout the late 1970s, all of which included interracial couples or racial minorities.  Franklin is also the man responsible for paralyzing Hustler publisher Larry Flynt after becoming angry with him for putting images of an interracial couple in his magazine.

Riverside County DA Admonishes Realignment:  California's public safety realignment law is being skewered by Riverside County Deputy District Attorney Mike Hestrin, who regards the impact the law has had on the county as "disastrous."  David James Heiss of the Record Gazette reports that three out of every four criminals released early under the law are re-arrested, contributing to the state's 75 percent recidivism rate.  In Riverside county alone, homicides are up by 25 percent, robberies are up by 12 percent, and forcible rapes are up as well.  Proposed solutions to counter the negative impact realignment has had on the state include building new jails and utilizing remote camps for rehabilitation of low-level offenders.

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