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News Scan

Man Serving Life Sentence for Murder Found Guilty in 1974 Homicide:  A man already serving a life sentence for a 1983 double-murder was found guilty yesterday in the 1974 killings of an Ohio couple and their four-year-old daughter.  Glenn Stevens of WFMJ reports that James Ferrara's fingerprints matched the three that were lifted from the crime scene 39 years ago when they were resubmitted to a computerized database in 2009.  Prosecutors state that the fingerprint evidence against Ferrara are stronger than DNA evidence.  At trial, they offered no motive for the slayings.

Convicted Sex Offender Accused of Rape and Kidnapping: A Texas man has been arrested after failing to register as a sex offender and has been named as the primary suspect in an alleged kidnapping and rape of a 30-year-old woman.  Grand Lake News reports that the woman reported to authorities that she was knocked unconscious, forced into a vehicle, and taken to a mobile home where she was raped.  The man accused, Terry Stanfill, recently moved to Missouri after serving a 25-year sentence in Texas for an unrelated aggravated sexual assault charge. 

Missouri to Carry Out More Executions With New Method:  After successfully carrying out its first execution in almost three years on Wednesday, the state of Missouri is expected to start proceeding with more executions utilizing their new supply of pentobarbital made by a compounding pharmacy.  Chris Blank of the Associated Press reports that the courts have given Missouri a green light to go ahead with their scheduled executions, and the state Supreme Court has been urged to set the dates for 17 death row inmates.  Allen Nicklasson is the next murderer scheduled to die on December 11, 2013, for the 1994 murder of a businessman who stopped to assist Nicklasson with his broken down vehicle along Interstate 70.

Parole Sought for Dying Inmate Sentenced to Life as a Juvenile:  A female inmate dying of stage four breast cancer, once the youngest lifer in Iowa's prison system, was resentenced this week and recommended for parole by a Polk County District Court judge.  Grant Rodgers of the Des Moines Register reports that if Kristina Joy Fetters is granted parole, she will become the first juvenile lifer in the state of Iowa to be released after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that LWOP sentences are unconstitutional for juveniles.  In 1995, at the age of 15, Fetters was convicted of first-degree murder of her great-aunt, who died when Fetters struck her in the head with a skillet and stabbed her five times.

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