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If You Keep Telling Them It's OK, Sooner or Later They'll Believe You

One of the major themes of the pot legalization movement is that pot is OK.  Tobacco is bad; booze is bad; but pot  --  well, look, hey, your parents did it, and they didn't fall off the edge of the world, right?  And it's medicinal, too!  So how bad can it be?

Few in the movement say point-blank that pot is healthy, but all the body language is that it's only fuddy-duddies, cops and the Church Lady who have tight undies about it.

The problem with telling our kids this stuff is that sooner or later, they'll believe us. Sooner seems to have arrived.  This is what the National Institutes of Health has found, according to Time Magazine:

A new survey from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) shows that marijuana use among young people is on the rise.

The NIH 2013 Monitoring the Future Survey measures drug use and opinions among eighth, 10th and 12th graders in the U.S. This year, the major finding shows that the number of high schoolers who think marijuana is dangerous has continued to drop over the past decade. The data shows that teens are using it more often than they have in the past. And according to the researchers, such lax attitudes about pot will likely continue to lead to increased use.

This year's survey polled 41,675 students from 389 public and private schools, and found only 39.5% of 12th graders thought marijuana was harmful, which is down from 44.1% last year. Usage among high school seniors has increased as well. This year, 6.5% of seniors reported smoking pot daily, a slight increase from the 6% who reported the habit in 2003 and the 2.4% in 1993. While the increases were relatively small, greater usage is concerning since levels of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, have gone up from 3.75% in 1995 to an average of 15% in current marijuana cigarettes. For a developing brain, exposure to such doses has been linked to changes in the brain and memory loss.

Don't expect to be hearing a lot about this this story from the people who tell us so relentlessly that our views about pot should be grounded in science rather than moralizing.


Utter idiocy. If you say society is sending the messages "Tobacco is bad; booze is bad," and those substances are legal, why would suggesting pot legalization preclude the message "pot is bad, like tobacco and booze"? Your two-facedness knows no bounds.

And Merry Christmas to you too.

"If you say society is sending the messages 'Tobacco is bad; booze is bad,' and those substances are legal, why would suggesting pot legalization preclude the message 'pot is bad, like tobacco and booze'?"

Because teenagers aren't idiots, and will -- apparently unlike you -- understand that a CHANGE in law is different from MAINTAINING existing law.

Another example: If you tell a 16 year-old boy that premarital sex can create a whole set of problems he's not ready to handle, and then in the next minute hand him a box of condoms "just in case," do you think he doesn't understand what you're actually communicating?

It's not that hard, Scott.

"Your two-facedness knows no bounds."

Your desire to besot the population with drugs probably knows some bounds, but you're keeping them secret. Wanna let us in on them?

BTW, isn't it time that you admitted you knowingly lied when you said that I had been posting anonymously on your blog? I've never written a word on your blog, and have never posted anonymously anywhere. It's one thing, and bad enough, to lie. It's another to refuse to admit it.

But that's kind of your thing, isn't it, Scott? Like when you got pulled over by the cops and indignantly and belligerently lied about it (and them)? And changed your tune only after you found out they had a tape of the whole episode?

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