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News Scan

Oklahoma Executes Convicted Double-Murderer: 53-year-old convicted murderer Ronald Lott was put to death Tuesday evening after being convicted of brutally raping and murdering two elderly women in the late 1980's.  Rick Halperin of Death Penalty News reports that Lott was linked to the crime by DNA evidence 11 years after a different man, Robert Lee Miller Jr., had already confessed to the murders and had been sentenced to death.  Lott became the 5th person executed by the state of Oklahoma this year, their 6th and final execution of the year is scheduled for next week.    

Ex-Con Arrested in Murder of Arizona Girl: Authorities in Arizona have made an arrest in the death of a 14-year-old girl found assaulted and strangled in an apartment complex dumpster last week.  The Associated Press reports that police arrested 31-year-old Alex Madrid on suspicion of first-degree-murder, kidnapping, molestation, and several other charges related to the brutal attack after DNA evidence linked him to the crime.  Madrid, who has a lengthy criminal history dating back to 2000, was originally arrested last Friday on probation violations and had been living with the girl's family prior to the murder.

CA to Electronically Monitor Inmates:  The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has announced plans to begin implementing a new electronic tracking system at 32 institutions that prison guards will use monitor inmates.  Amy Stewart of All Voices reports that the new system replaces the old paper system, which resulted in continuous errors. The new system is designed to reduce inmate suicides and homicides by ensuring that prison staff check in on inmates thoroughly and at the correct intervals, all while electronically recording and monitoring their activities.

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