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News Scan

California Given Two-Month Extension to Reduce Prison Overcrowding: A panel of federal judges have pushed back the state of California's deadline to reduce prison overcrowding to April of 2014, giving officials a two-month extension to meet a ruling ordering the state to reduce its prison population by 7,000 inmates.  Paige St. John of the LA Times reports that in addition to the time extension, the panel of judges has also requested that the state limit the amount of time some mentally ill inmates spend in solitary confinement.  Governor Brown's proposed plan to seek out additional space in out-of-state private prisons was blocked by the panel earlier this year. 

Kentucky Announces Plan to Remedy Failed DNA Collections: The Kentucky Department of Corrections has announced its plan to address issues involving the state's mandatory collection of DNA samples from convicted felons.  John Meador of WKU Public Radio reports that an investigation conducted by the Office of the Inspector General revealed that more than 16,000 DNA samples were missing, forcing the state to implement a more rigorous collection program in its jails and prisons.  Some of the convicted felons who owe DNA samples are still in the state's custody, while others will have to report to probation or parole officers to provide samples.

Kansas Supreme Court to Hear Brothers' Death Sentence Appeal: The Kansas Supreme Court will hear arguments next week from a pair of brothers sentenced to death from their role in a crime spree that left five people dead and one survivor severely wounded.  The Capitol-Journal reports that Reginald and Jonathan Carr broke into a home armed with guns, sexually assaulted the residents, and then made them withdraw cash from ATM machines before shooting them execution style at a local soccer field.  The brothers are challenging their convictions based on the claim that they received an unfair trial after the court denied a change of venue request and a motion to allow both men to be tried separately.  

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