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News Scan

Massachusetts Eliminates Life Without Parole for Juveniles: The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled that sentencing juveniles to life without the possibility for parole is unconstitutional.  Ray Sanchez of CNN reports that the decision comes just one year after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that two men who were convicted of murder at 14 and sentenced to life without parole were given a "cruel and unusual punishment" in violation of the 8th amendment.  In 2005, the Supreme Court decided that juveniles are not eligible for the death penalty, and juveniles found guilty in non-homicide crimes could not be sentenced to life without parole. 

Convicted Sex Offender Accused of Rape: A convicted sex offender has been arrested after police say he sexually assaulted a woman Sunday morning in a popular Seattle park.  King 5 News reports that 25-year-old Coty Kelly, who had a warrant for his arrest after failing to register as a sex offender, tackled the woman from behind and sexually assaulted her along a walking trail.  Kelly faces a possible second-degree rape charge and had his bail set at $500,000.

Montana Judge Delivers Odd Sentence: A Montana judge who gained national attention after sentencing a rapist to only one month in prison is once again in the spotlight after ordering a man who assaulted his girlfriend to write "Boys do not hit girls" 5,000 times.  The Associated Press reports that in addition to the mandatory writing assignment, District Judge G. Todd Baugh also sentenced the man to six months in jail.  The man has until May 23 to complete the written portion of his sentence and have it mailed to Judge Baugh.  

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