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News Scan

Armed Citizens Patrol Streets in Cash-Strapped Oregon County: Residents in Josephine County, Oregon have formed armed patrol groups to protect their community after severe budget cuts limited the sheriff's department response to only "life-threatening situations."   Stephanie McNeal of Fox News reports that 70 percent of the land in Josephine County is owned by the U.S. government, and most of the budget came from recently terminated federal timber subsidies.  Without the subsidies the sheriff's department was virtually eliminated.  As a result, a group of 12 citizens have formed an armed "response team" to respond to any call that the sheriff's office is not able to handle. 

Suspect in 'Knockout' Attack Charged with Hate Crimes: A 27-year-old man from Houston has been charged with a federal hate crime after authorities say he video taped himself punching an elderly black man in the face while playing 'knockout'; a disturbing new trend that encourages people to assault unsuspecting pedestrians.  Michael Graczyk of the Associated Press reports that the suspect was caught after showing the video to an off-duty arson investigator at a local restaurant, who then notified the police of the violent attack.  The assault left the victim with a severely broken jaw and a four-day hospital stay.


I believe the AP article on Arkansas' AG requesting execution dates is a reprint from May.

I think you are right. I have deleted the item.

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