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News Scan

AZ Supreme Court Upholds Conviction, Death Sentence in Brutal Murder: The Arizona Supreme Court upheld the conviction and death sentence for a man found guilty of murdering five people in order to prevent them from testifying at his upcoming arson trial.  Walter Berry of the Associated Press reports that 36-year-old William Craig Miller was challenging his sentence and seeking a new trial based on the claim that he was deprived of his right to a speedy trial.  Authorities believe Miller murdered five members of an extended family after he discovered that two of the individuals were working as police informants and would be testifying against him at his upcoming arson-for-hire trial.   

LA County Sex Offenders Given Faulty GPS Monitors: An audit conducted by the state of California has revealed that one in four GPS monitoring devices used to track convicted criminals in Los Angeles County are faulty, allowing felons to go undetected sometimes for days at a time.  The Associated Press reports that in addition to faulty monitoring devices, the audit also revealed that some probationers had been released without tracking devices because the city had run out of functioning equipment.  LA County uses the devices primarily for repeat sex offenders, violent gang members, and for individuals who have violated terms of their restraining order.

New Boston Mayor, Police Clash Over Proposed use of AR-15's: Officials with the Boston Police Department and the city's new Mayor-elect, Martin Walsh, are clashing over a proposal by the police department that would allow a limited number of officers to be armed with high-powered rifles.  Fox News reports that the Police Department made the proposal in light of recent mass shootings.  The Department believes that the addition of AR-15's would give officers a "fighting chance" against suspects that often are better armed than police.  Under the proposal, the city would buy 33 AR-15's and would issue them to two trained officers in each of the city's 11 districts.  The Mayor-elect opposes the plan. 

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