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The Murder of Sarah Hansen Recalled by Responding Officer

SarahHansen.jpgRita Dukes Smith of SurfKY News has this article on the perspective of one of the police officers on the case of White v. Woodall, presently before the Supreme Court.  See prior posts on the case here and here.

Below the line is quoted from the article.

Greenville Mayor Ed DeArmond was operations LT for the Kentucky State Police Post 2 at the time of the murder of 16-year-old Muhlenberg South High School student Sarah Hansen. The veteran police officer and military veteran said the murder case will forever haunt his memory not only because of its heinous nature but also because the victim and her family were his friends.

"I got a call that night that a body was found," DeArmond told SurfKY. "(The scene) was just a few minutes from my home so I went there. Eddie Perry was there keeping people out, and I asked what the situation was. He told me that they had found the body of Sarah Hansen. I knew her and her family."

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"I don't recall a murder, in all my years in law enforcement, that caused so much pain to just about everyone in the county," said DeArmond. "I have friends in the Woodall family, too. Everyone was so deeply hurt by this unfortunate incident."


In the face of all this pain, there are judges, including those on the US Supreme Court, who will twist the law to aid capital murderers in their quest to avoid justice. It is often a disgusting spectacle.


This may be political and not directly germane, yet, is it not sadly ironic, that in cases which, when perverted, result in the punishment of the murderer being mollified, some triumph the process and technicalities over the undisputed justness of the outcome, but in areas such as “equal opportunity” and “affirmative action”, equity of outcome is ominipotent and trumps procedure?


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