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Barack Obama Gets Groovy, Part II

Not everyone was thrilled at the President's quasi-endorsement of pot in his New Yorker interview.  One of those in dissent was none other than Michele Leonhart, Obama's appointed head of the DEA.  The Weekly Standard blog carries a story about Ms. Leonhart's comments last week titled, "DEA Chief Rips Obama's Pot Remarks."  It starts:

The head of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration is now openly criticizing Barack Obama for his recent comments over the question of marijuana legalization, according to multiple reports.

The Boston Herald reports it has sources who heard DEA chief Michele Leonhart "slam" Obama at last week's National Sheriffs' Association winter meeting in Washington. The Herald reports the sheriffs in Bristol County, Massachusetts, and Kern County, California, both reported that Leonhart was critical of the president's claim that marijuana's affects are no different than alcohol's.

I have known Michele for years.  I met her during the Bush Administration, when I was Counselor to the DEA Administrator and she was Deputy Administrator.

I came to have great admiration for her incredible work ethic, knowledge and integrity.  I am prouder than ever to be her friend.

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