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News Scan

CO Senator Wants to Arm Teachers:  A Colorado State Senator whose son attends the same high school where a recent shooting occurred has introduced legislation that would allow teachers to carry firearms while at school.  On Dec 13,  James Pierson, an angry Arapaho High School student, gunned down fellow student Claire Davis, before setting fire to the library and committing suicide.  A FoxNews story by Maxim Lott reports that Senator Ted Harvey's son was on the school's debate team with Pierson.  Harvey noted that many Colorado schools do not have armed guards.  "I don't think schools are safe when they are gun free zones and criminals are the only people who carry guns," he said. 

Vets Help Track Down Child Predators:  The Associated Press reports that military veterans, wounded during their service, are now participating as interns in a program that has them working with ICE to track down and prosecute criminals who prey upon children for sex trafficking and pornography.  The veterans receive 11 weeks of training before being assigned to ICE field offices to scour computers and flash drives seized by agents during searches of suspected predators.  While the veterans are unpaid for their work, most receive disability for their injuries.  As one vet put it, "I feel that I'm still serving my country and protecting my family at the same time."

Ohio Police to Get Criminal's Mental Health Info:  The Ohio Supreme Court has cleared the way for enforcement of a new law that provides police with the mental health evaluations of violent offenders who receive a conditional release from a treatment facility.  The Associated Press reports that the law was adopted after the 2011 murder of Deputy Suzanne Hopper by a habitual felon who had been released form a mental health institution.  Deputy Hopper was unaware that recently-released criminal Michael Ferryman had been found not guilty by reason of insanity for an earlier shooting, when she approached him in response to a "shots fired" call at a trailer park.  

Pot Prices Double in Colorado:  Alison Vekshin of Bloomberg News reports that recreational marijuana is selling for twice the price for medical marijuana during the first week since pot became legally available on the retail market.  An ounce of weed goes for $400 at Medicine Man, a pot retailer in Denver, while an ounce runs $200 for customers who have a prescription.  Shop owners say that the higher prices are in response to the high demand.  "It is very comparable to what black market prices are," said one retailer.  

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