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News Scan

Study Reveals Handguns, Not 'Assault Rifles', Used in Most Mass Shootings: A study conducted by a Northeastern University professor has revealed several myths surrounding recent mass shootings.  The claimed surge of assault weapon use and sudden influx of incidents are inaccurate.  Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner reports that while the media suggests that mass shootings are on the rise, data reveals that the number of mass shooting incidents has remained stagnant over the last 34 years, averaging 20 a year.  The study also suggests that an assault weapon ban, proposed by President Obama and Vice President Biden after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, wouldn't end these types of incidents because nearly half of them involved handguns.

Realignment Bill Passes First Committee Test: A bill introduced by Assemblyman Chris Holden, D. Los Angeles, has passed out of the Assembly Public Safety Committee, after failing to pass last year. The measure is designed to give counties more time to prepare for the dumping of severely mentally ill inmates into communities as required by Realignment.  Melanie C. Johnson of Monrovia Patch reports that AB 1065 would give county probation departments 30 days to establish appropriate supervision and treatment for seriously mentally ill offenders prior to their release from state custody.  Prior to this bill, counties were given 5 days or less to prepare for the arrival of these serious offenders.  The next step for the bill is the Assembly Appropriations Committee for financial consideration. 

Judge Vacates Death Sentence for Convicted Cop Killer: The family of a slain police officer is outraged after a Philadelphia judge vacated the death sentence for Edward Bracey, the man convicted of killing the officer more than 20 years ago.  Dave Schratwieser of Fox Philadelphia reports that the judge vacated Bracey's death sentence and ordered him to serve life without parole after finding that Bracey was "mentally retarded" and ineligible for execution after the 2002 SCOTUS holding in Atkins v. Virginia.  The city's district attorney has 30 days to review the case and decide whether or not to appeal the judge's ruling. 

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