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MO Lawmakers Suggest Adding Firing Squad as Death Penalty Option: A Missouri lawmaker is proposing a bill that would allow the state prison system to use a firing squad for upcoming executions.  Jadiann Thompson of KSHB News reports that the state of Missouri carries out executions in two ways; lethal injection and lethal gas,  House Bill 1470 would add 'death by firing squad' as a third option.  Missouri reinstated the death penalty in 1988, since then, sixty-nine inmates have been put to death.  

Overcrowded Jail a Hot Issue in Political Race: The race for San Joaquin County Sheriff will be centered around the issue of jail overcrowding, a problem that has become a problem after passage of AB109, also known as Prison Realignment.  Jennie Rodriguez-Moore of Record Net reports that the two frontrunners have different opinions on how to reduce overcrowding, with the incumbent seeking to build a $33.3 million long-term facility and the challenger suggesting more flexible modular buildings that can be moved around as inmate population fluctuates.  The issue of overcrowding has forced the county to release inmates hours after they've been booked, which has caused increased crime throughout the region.

AL Bill Seeks to Expedite Executions: A bill introduced to the Alabama Legislature is seeking to speed up the death penalty process by shortening the amount of time between sentencing and execution.  Kim Chandler of AL.com reports that the legislation, known as "The Fair Justice Act", would streamline the appeals process by requiring the filing of the direct appeal and state collateral review simultaneously.  The bill is scheduled to be voted on as soon as Wednesday.

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