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The Internal Revolt Against Eric Holder

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I promised in an early post that I would link the letter from the National Association of Assistant United States Attorneys to the Attorney General.  In that letter, NAAUSA lays out an unambiguous case against the AG's support for legislation that would trash mandatory minimum sentencing.  Not surprisingly, career federal prosecutors oppose giving a windfall to heroin and meth dealers.  Also not surprisingly, they couch their opposition in respectful language; he is, after all, the boss.

But make no mistake about it, this is a revolt.

The letter is here.

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I also agree with people having to serve time for their actions but when a "non violent first time offender" is given a sentence that's longer than a person that has admitted to murder or the rape of a child I think there needs to be a few changes in sentencing. I think a 10 year MM is a little harsh. I'm pretty sure that the men serving life sentences for a drug charge will have learned their lesson and have been able to understand what they did wrong long before the end of their sentence. Which in some cases is death. And for what an addiction they had or were supplying someone else's? Just because you've gotten the small man off the street don't think there's not another waiting right behind him to pick up his customers! So my point being give them training to use when they are released and classes on how to live their lives without addiction while they're serving their time and defiantly shorten the sentences that are given out to people that are only hurting themselves.

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