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Is Marijuana Really "Medical"?

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The main active ingredient in pot, THC, does have some legitimate medicinal properties.  For one, it can stimulate appetite (known among pot smokers as getting the munchies), and thus help out with wasting diseases such as AIDS.

But the idea that smoked marijuana  --  which has no controls on dosage, potency, or adulteration  --  is "medical" is so much nonsense.  It is for this reason that the AMA has come out explicitly against legalization.  

And there's this:  We didn't really need the AMA to tell us.  When "medical" pot is available after a 30 second visit with a "healing professional"  --  advertised by a fellow wearing a green pot leaf costume accosting potential customers on the sidewalk  --  we all get the idea.

So the question arises:  What is the best analog to the true "healing power" of "medical marijuana"?
A cartoon by David Sipress. For more cartoons from this week's issue: http://nyr.kr/M6FRWb

1 Comment

I agree that much of the medical marijuana movement is bogus. But there's good evidence now that one of the molecules found in marijuana, cannabidiol, has potential for treating many diseases - including cancer. The wiki article provides a good overview:


I don't know how much marijuana's schedule I status impedes research into chemicals like cannabidiol, but if it does, we need to come-up with some sort of solution. But let's just be honest here folks, unless I missed some sort of massive outbreak of glaucoma, the weed dispensaries are almost entirely for recreational use.

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