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Protesting on Military Bases

The U.S. Supreme Court decided one criminal case today, United States v. Apel.

Federal law makes it a crime to reenter a "military . . . installation" after having been ordered not to do so "by any officer or person in command." 18 U. S. C. ยง1382. The question presented is whether a portion of an Air Force base that contains a designated protest area and an easement for a public road qualifies as part of a "military installation."
Yes.  Unanimous.  For those keeping score, that is two unanimous reversals of the Ninth Circuit in two days.  The panel that decided this case knew it was flaky but felt it was bound by a Ninth Circuit precedent.  That's what en banc is for, your honors.  Use it to correct these decisions that are so wrong not a single justice thinks they are right.

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