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The Real Root Cause

Those of us who believe that criminals should be held accountable have heard over and over that we ignore the "root causes" of crime.  These causes never turn out to be greed, selfishness, callousness, lack of empathy for victims or stuff like that. Instead they turn out to be racism, militarism, Puritanical neuroses or some subset of the general theory that America stinks.

For purposes of deciding the punishment in individual cases, I don't think it makes much difference what, as a general matter, the "root causes" of crime may be.  But for deciding the overall approach law should take to criminal behavior, figuring out, and correcting, "root causes" makes a world of difference. 

My friend Paul Mirengoff at Powerline puts his finger on the Number One root cause. It's not racism.  It's the mirror image of racism, to wit, race huckstering.  Race huckstering is designed less as a smear against CJLF and like-minded people (although that too) than as an all-purpose excuse, borne of guilt and carried by a culture of grievance, that, among other very bad things, makes it harder than it ever ought to be for blacks truly to have an equal shot. 

Paul's essay is here

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