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But Never Mention Conscience

When Adam Lanza murdered twenty children and six adults in the Newtown school shooting in December 2012, the President wasted no time politicizing the gruesome tragedy as another episode of  "gun violence" for which more federal gun control legislation is needed. The White House statement is here.

One wonders what its statement will be today.

There are of course times when episodes like this are linked to mental illness  --  although the art of faking mental illness has been well refined in criminal defense.  And the deadliness of the weapon used can hardly be overlooked, either.

But something always seems to be missing from the press coverage of these episodes.  We hear a lot about schizophrenia.  We hear a lot about guns, particularly from those eager to disarm perfectly law-abiding people.  What we never hear about is the one thing whose degradation matters most  --  conscience.

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