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Get Ready for the Legalized Jailbreak

If there were any remaining doubt about how thoroughly this Administration is determined to put the interests of criminals over those of ordinary people, let that doubt now be resolved. The new Pardon Attorney, Deborah Leff, might as  well have been chosen by the NACDL (if she wasn't). 

To my knowledge, Ms. Leff has never spent ten minutes prosecuting a federal felony, but will now be principally in charge of a vastly expanded Pardon Office to evaluate the release-worthiness of thousands of federal felons.

Read for yourself what she has said, and tell me she thinks there is any criminal, anywhere, for whom an excuse can't be cobbled together.

Silver lining:  With every harshly sentenced drug pusher now on the fast road to a commutation, the engine behind Smarter Sentencing Act has just blown a gasket.

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