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News Scan

Marijuana Black Market Thriving in CO: The black market for marijuana sales is still thriving in Colorado despite a recently passed law making the drug legal.  Cheryl Chumley of The Washington Times reports that legalizing marijuana in the state has actually enhanced the black market, as marijuana "customers" are able to purchase the drug tax-free from black market dealers as opposed to buying it in a state regulated store.  Police are also worried that recent increases in violent crimes are connected to the drug's legalization. 

'Warning Shot' Bill Approved by Florida Lawmakers: Members of the Florida Senate have passed what is being called the 'warning shot bill' in an effort to revise a state law which punishes the use of a gun.  The Associated Press reports that the bill is in response to a 1999 law that required a mandatory 10-20 year sentence whenever a gun was displayed or used during a crime-even if it was in self-defense.  The 'warning shot bill' would distinguish the use of a gun in self defense from use by a criminal during the commission of a crime.  The bill now heads to Governor Rick Scott's desk for final review.

CA Senator Indicted on Corruption Charges: California Senator Leland Yee was formally indicted this morning on several corruption charges stemming from his March 26 arrest.  The Associated Press reports that Yee, along with 28 others, have been officially charged in connection with an organized crime investigation that involved exchanging illegal weapons for campaign contributions as well as trading political influence for cash.  Yee is out on $500,000 bond and is scheduled to be arraigned next Tuesday.

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