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News Scan

Chicago Police Accused of Altering Crime Statistics: An impressive decrease in Chicago's crime rate has the city's Police Superintendent celebrating while members of the community are questioning the validity of the numbers and accusing the police of 'cooking the stats'.  Warner Huston of Breitbart reports that an investigation conducted by Chicago Magazine revealed that the city's Mayor and Police Superintendent misrepresented some murders and other violent crimes for example, listing a homicide as a "non-criminal death" after the coroner couldn't determine exactly how a victim was killed.  Investigators also discovered that serious felonies such as robberies and assault were sometimes misclassified, downgraded, or removed from the crime stats all together.

Serial Rapists Remain Free due to Rape Kit Backlog: A report published by the Detroit Free Press has revealed that a backlog in testing more than 10,000 rape kits has allowed serial rapists to remain free on the streets and in some cases commit more attacks.  The Associated Press reports that 11,000 untested rape kits were found in a Detroit police storage facility in 2009, since then, only 2,000 of them have been tested. The Michigan state Legislature recently approved a $4 million measure that will send the remaining  kits to private labs to be tested by the end of the year.  The backlog has been blamed on the 2008 closure of the Detroit's crime lab.

Nebraska Impacted by Colorado Pot Legalization: Nebraska law enforcement officers are growing frustrated with the money and time being spent on the arrest and prosecution people buying legal pot in Colorado.  David Hendee of the Omaha World-Herald reports that law enforcement agencies in western Nebraska have become exponentially busier dealing with cases that involve marijuana that was purchased legally in Colorado, but still remains illegal in the state of Nebraska.  State Attorney General Jon Bruning has said he hasn't ruled out the possibility of taking Colorado to court over increasing Nebraska's law enforcement costs.


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